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Barnes Advanced Technology, Inc. specializes in products for onstream edge finishing and decambering, along with special uncoilers and recoilers. Our decamberers range from the snake type for narrow strip, or the tiltroll types for all strip materials to any size. They are available in a wide range of manually adjusted or fully automatic versions.

We manufacture all types of edge finishing machines, from simple drop-in deburrers for present production lines, to heavy profilers. Drop-in deburrers are used in front of rollformers, pressfeeders, fourslide machines, in slitting lines and all other simple strip deburring operations. Edge profilers are used in continuous strip lines for making doctor blades, putty knives, transformer windings, busbars, banding and strapping steel, seatbelt springs, rollpins, office furniture and garage doortracks, also in tube and pipemills for achieving correct abutting of the welded edges.

We make both rolling type and skiving type onstream edge finishers, along with milling cutter type edgers.


Barnes Advanced Technology Inc.
3407 Holborn Road, R.R. 2 Queensville, Ontario L0G 1R0 Canada
Phone/Fax: (905) 478-1421 Phone: (716) 856-2988 (Buffalo, NY, USA)

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